Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh so good aloe juice and curly fro-hawk!

Many people know about the benefits of Aloe-vera on the hair. It is one of the greatest moisturizers and has many beneficial properties for the scalp. I recently learned that Aloe vera juice has an acidic Ph that can be beneficial for balancing out the Ph level in the hair. If you have hard water, spraying your hair with some aloe vera juice can help restore the Ph of your hair and seal the hair.

Last night, I pre-pooed with some olive oil and coconut oil, washed with aloe juice mixed with Dr. Bronner's castile soap, 8 drops of rosemary oil and a little glycerin. I poured it in a squirt bottle and proceeded to wash. I noticed that the mix was not strong enough to get the oils off my hair, although my hair felt really soft. I then used some Giovanni 50/50 shampoo to wash the oils off. I did not wash the oils off entirely but I was happy that I didn't. When I was done I applied some aloe juice mixed with Giovanni's direct leave in, about half and half, and let my hair air-dry. My hair felt amazing. It was soft, shiny and bouncy. I love this Aloe Juice! and pre-pooing with olive oil and coconut oil is definitely staying in my regimen. I later used some of my homemade aloe moisture spritz (same recipe I posted before). I also love this mix. I am so happy with my curls. I had little shedding and split ends, even after flat ironing.

Here is a pic:

I was so happy with my hair that I decided to try something new... a curly fro-hawk. Although this is a tad bit funky for my taste, I loved the way it looked. I tied my hair into thre sections, top, middle and bottle and used black large bobby pins to work the rest of it and shape it.

Here is what it looks like:

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