Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Post: Natural hair and health journey

First off I will like to start this post by saying that I to not like labels, nor do I consider myself a "crunchy" person (actually my political views are on the conservative side hee hee). My lifestyle and choices are not due to an over concern for the environment or some fad about "going green", although I think as a Christian we should do are best to care for what God has blessed us with. Anyway, about a few years ago I moved away from my hometown in NY and did not have my local Dominican salon to go to any longer. I refused to relax my hair as I had done previously. I was forced to take care of my hair on my own. I began researching online and joined several hair forums, such as longhaircare and naturally curly. It was from these sites that I began to learn about hair and how to truly care for it. I began buying products recommended on these sites and constantly read labels on products. The problem was that I had become a "product junky" and could not leave a store without a new hair product in my hand. I'm an ethnic women (of mixed origin) with kinky curly hair (or 3c hair) and have spent lots of money on hair products; I'm talking about hundreds of dollars a year. I always had longish hair but it was not healthy. I actually could not get my hair past BSL (bra-strap length) without it splitting and breaking. My mom just didn't believe in cutting hair but she never taught me to love my curly hair. She has the same texture hair as I and relaxes every 2 months and straightens constantly. After much research I realized I was spending so much money on hair products and putting so much chemicals into my hair and body. Even the products that are labeled as natural are not always natural and usually tend to be pricier. When I was taking out money from my savings to purchase hair products, I realized enough is enough. After two years on trying products on my hair, I've decided to give up highly chemical products and use a few natural products, but mostly homemade stuff. I have to admit that I have know idea what the long term affects are for using non commercial products since I have always bought conventional hair products. For the first time, instead of me trying to alter my hair into what I want it to be, I will let my hair do what it wants and truly get to know my hair texture.

So what exactly am I doing for this natural change? Well like I stated above, I got rid of all my products that have harmful chemicals in goodbye, Suave, Garnier, Pantene and Creme of Nature :( I kept my Aubrey Organic Honeysuckle Rose and Island Natural and my Giovanni stuff. I have also made my own leave-in using stuff from my kitchen and essential oils. I will post some of my recipes on my next few posts. I eventually would like to just use homemade stuff, but I will see how it goes first. My goal is to be natural, chemical free without spending money. In fact, I want to show myself and others that you can be healthy and natural and spend less money than you would buying commercial products. I've also extended this philosophy to everything I buy, use and eat at home. I try to cook and eat healthier and use "green friendly" products now. However, I refuse to spend any more money than I use to so I try to make my cleaning products as well. As a mother and wife I realize everything I do affects my family. If I'm healthy, so are they. I'm also a licensed nurse, so health is something I'm use to thinking about.

I will post on different topics which include but are not limited to, natural hair and products, product reviews, homemade recipes, mothering, spirituality, food reviews and exercising.

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