Friday, July 30, 2010

Experiment with Coffee!!!

Okay so I read online that you could use coffee to stop shedding and add sheen to your hair, so I decided to try it. I brewed a plain cup of coffee at normal strength and poured it in a cup after cooling. In the shower I let warm water run through my hair then I used some Aubrey's Island naturals conditioner. I then poured the cup of coffee through my hair and let it sit for about 4 min while I finished showering. I then rinsed it off. I love the smell of coffee, so the aroma was a treat for me. However, I don't know how it would smell on my hair when it was dry, so I used some Honeysuckle Rose afterward and rinsed. Next time I may try not rinsing it off. My hair felt a bit stronger and defined but I couldn't tell if it stopped the shedding. I combed through my hair with my shower comb and I had no broken hairs; all the hairs had bulbs on them, which was good for me. Overall I loved how my hair felt after it dried. It was soft and defined. I will continue to do this once a week and report my findings later on. I also read that Coffee is a natural way to dye hair, which is good for me since I have pieces of brown hair I want gone from when I dyed my hair. I didn't notice a significant change in color, but with continued use it may darken my hair.

Here are some pics of the before and after: I still have some relaxed pieces in my hair so I have different textures... the second picture below you could see my true texture, except for the ends.

First two pics are before and the next two are after. Hair was about 90% dry.


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