Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some natural products purchased and review!

As I stated in my first post, I am on my way to limiting the chemicals in my products and home, so I decided to replace some of my items with ones that are more natural. I know I also spoke about not spending a whole lot of money, but with some calculations I figured out what I can purchase that will last me a long time. I also bought some items to make household cleaners with. I will list what I bought and I will review each item as I use them. I will also list prices for easy reference. On my side link bar labeled "Useful links and forums," I added some links to hair forums I am a part of and sites that I use for references, to purchase items through and recipes. Skin so deep cosmetic database is a great site to check the products you have and see how hazardous they are on a score form 0-10, 10 being the most hazardous. I think all items posted below have a hazard score of 2 and below, except for Aubrey because of the vitamin A and citric acid, which too me is fine. I also plan on posting my concoctions and experiments on here as I try them. If there are any other sites, blogs or forums that you may have related to these subjects, please let me know :).

All items except for the baking soda, ACV, Crystal deodorant stick and white vinegar were purchased at

ACV: use to clarify my hair

Baking Soda: Use to make cleaners and to clarify hair.

White vinegar: use mixture with borax as an all purpose cleaner.

Crystal Body deodorant stick 4.25 oz 4.89 ...has no aluminum Cholorohydrate. Actually there are only two ingredients: Natural Mineral Salts and Ammonium Alum. I have to say I was skeptical about this because, honestly I tend to need some strong deodorants :P. This has no scent and it is a solid bar (feels like a solid dry glycerin soap). It is not wet at all. You have to wet it a little and smooth it under your armpits. I have been using this for three days now, and it is summetime, I am so so so so so impressed. I have absolutely no body smell under my pits. OMG I wish I would have known about this. I literally kept rubbing my fingers and smelling to see if there was anything (I know gross). I didn't even re-apply. I tried this after shaving and no stinging. On the back it says that this can last up to one year. I am so happy because I use to go through my dove and secret deodorants every 2 to 3 months and feel like I'm just masking my smell. This is a keeper. It's cheap, chemical free (hazard score of 0)and it works. Sorry for the long review but I love it.

Aubrey honeysuckle rose conditioner and Island naturals: 11 oz purchased from
Love these conditioners, especially the honeysuckle one. I've been using this for some time now and it's so thick that it last me along time. I put some in a spray bottle with water and mix with extra virgin olive oil and use as spritz. I noticed with this I have to alternate with other conditioners because the wheat germ oil in it which acts like a protein, so my hair doesn't feel as moist with constant use. This is one of my keepers even though it has a hazard score of 3 on the cosmetic database. I do not like their shampoos because they are too drying.

Giovanni Smooth as silk conditioner: Hazard score of 2 and it works great to moisturize.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In™ Conditioner -- 8.5 fl oz

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste Mint -- 7 oz

Desert Essence Castile Liquid Soap with Organic Tea Tree Oil -- 32 fl oz
$7.08 I plan on using this to make my homemade dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner and laundry soap.

Tom's of Maine Natural Cleansing Mouthwash Spearmint -- 16 fl oz

Heritage Products Rose Petals Rosewater -- 4 fl oz - I will be adding this to my hair moisture spritz. Will post review when I get it.

Heritage Products Castor Oil Hexane-Free -- 8 fl oz
$3.48 I love castor oil especially mixed with shea butter to seal my hair and for my body. It whips nicely with shea butter.

Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil -- 0.5 fl oz I love addint this to my homemade stuff for the scent. Especially when mixed with lavander and vanilla...mmm

Aura Cacia 100% Pure Essential Oil Rosemary -- .5 fl oz

Jason Kids Only ! Toothpaste Strawberry -- 4.2 oz $3.19
This is for my four year old son who still swallows his toothpaste. It is flouride free and has a good taste. I've been using this for about 3 months on my son and he is still on the same toothpaste bottle. Hazard score of 2...lowest I could find for any toothpaste.

Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap Baby Mild -- 16 fl oz I plan on using this to wash my hair in place of shampoo and for cleaning.

Heritage Products Vegetable Glycerin -- 4 fl oz Plan on using this for my homemade moisture spritz.

Lily of the Desert Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice -- 32 fl oz using this for my moistur spritz as well.

Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap -- 8 oz This has a hazard score of zero and 8oz is a huge size for the price.

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil -- 4 fl oz

Giovanni Magnetic Restructuring Conditioner -- 8.5 fl o $5.25 $5.25

Crystal Body Deodorant Spray -- 4 fl oz


Nature's Alchemy 100% Pure Essential Oil Tea Tree -- 0.5 fl oz

Aura Cacia Cold Pressed Oil Sweet Almond -- 4 fl oz

Kirk's Natural Castile Soap, Original -- 4 oz Each / Pack of 3
$3.90 I'm using this to grate for my home made laundry soap. Will post recipe.

Heritage Products Aura Glow Lavender -- 2 fl oz for scent

All this came out to 100.00 and this is literally everything for my family that should last at least 6 months. No buying cleaning products or shampoos, deodorants and so forth. I will post some recipes I'm going to try and will review them after I try them. Let me know if you have any ideas as to how I can use some of these items as well.

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