Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Giovanni Direct Leave-In review

So, I finally got my huge package in the male yesterday from Vitacost.com. I was sad to see that my rosewater spray and Giovannin magnetic conditioner had spilled out. :( I was also missing items. I emailed the company, so hopefully they will send me my items. My box was crushed and messed up, thanks to UPS. Terrible! Anyway now that I'm done ranting, I was still excited to get my other items. Today I washed with Dr. Bronners 18-1 castile soap unscented for babies. I diluted it with some water first, then poured on my head. I rinsed then used Giovanni's smooth as silk conditioner and left on for about 4 minutes before rinsing. I toweled dry and then use some of the Direct Leave-in. I am impressed with this leave-in. I like the fact that it has a low hazard score of 2 (based on the skin deep's cosmetic database), and it was very thick. Thicker than the smooth a silk conditioner. I applied a quater size amount to my hair and used a little of my homemade spritz (Aubrey HSR, water, olive oil, lavander eo, orange e0, honey). My hair is now dry. I did noticed a little frizz but that may be due to washing it. My curls are defined, soft and fluffy. It almost felt like I was putting a thick creamy lotion on my hair. I love it. I may use more next time and seal with oil. Overall I am pleased with my purchase. This will be my staple leave-in for now.

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