Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair update and hair cut

Just posting another update on what I've been doing to my hair. Last week I decided to flat iron my hair to check the length and just because I wanted to change up what I was doing to my hair. I had not gotten a trim in at least 9 months and my hair needed it badly. My ends were dry and the flat iron made it is the before and after. The before picture is me with my hair dry, combed out and ready to flat iron. I deep conditioned with some silk elements moisturizing conditioner, which I will not ever purchase again, and a little of my Dominican conditioner, crece pelo. I let my hair air dry and applied some coconut oil. I then sprayed my hair with silk elements heat protectant spray to flat iron. I use a flat iron called Lombardi, that I got from ebay for 30.00. I really like this flat iron.
Before: After:

The Georgia humidity made it unable for me to keep it straight very long, so I washed my hair 6 days later.
As you can see in the picture above, my ends were needing a trim, so I decided to chop off my ends. My hair went from waist length to bra strap length, so I cut off about 3 inches. I don't know if it would be considered a chop but I just had to get rid of some of my previously relaxed and color treated ends. My hair felt damaged. I still have about 3 inches worth of relaxed hair on my hair but I will not chop that off. I just can't go any shorter. Here is a picture of the length below. I prepooed with one egg, olive oil and ORS repleneshing pak. I then washed with Dr. Bonner's peppermint castile soap mixed with some jojoba oil, olive oil and orange eo. I mixed it with some water in a squirt bottle and squirted through my hair. I then deep conditioned with Aubrey's HSR, rinsed and used some Naturelle hypoallergenic gel. I later sprayed some of my glycerin, water and jojoba oil mix to refreshen my curls. I love this homemade spritz. It really moisturizes my curls.

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