Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts about my hair and my shampoo concoction

I've been recently experimenting with natural products and homemade stuff and have discovered some concoctions I like and what I don't like. My favorite mix so far is Dr. Bronner's Hemp and Peppermint castile soap mixed with water and sweet orange oil. My husband said that he didn't like the smell of the peppermint castile soap so I added some sweet orange EO and it smelled nice. I may try adding lavender next. It left my hair soft and clean. My scalp felt great. I even used it on my face and body and I loved the tingly feeling it left all over. I think my hair is finally adjusting to the product changes. For the first week, I noticed my hair was frizzy, like it was craving some heavy product. It was also hard to detangle. I then realized I was washing my hair too often. I got use to washing my hair twice a week but since I'm not using products with that cause built up, I no longer need to shampoo as often. I also learned that I needed to seal my leave-in or moisture spritz with oil or my hair would dry out. I have also learned that my hair is in the 3c range. My curls are like the diameter of a small pencil. I always thought I was more in the 3B range but without the added products my curls seem to pop more. I'm also trying to figure out how to style my hair without having to wet it in the shower everyday. I sometimes just use a spritz with water mixed with some oils and Giovanni-leave in to re-wet my hair. I also began doing braid outs so that my hair doesn't tangle so much. So far I'm loving the whole natural product thing. My hair, especially my scalp feels so much better. I have no dandruff and my scalp is always clean and soft. I also love smelling natural like coconuts, lavender and flowers.

Even though I have all natural products now, there are a few products that I can't get rid of just yet which I have just in case I want to straighten my hair. Those products are my Dominican deep treatments and my silk elements heat protectant spray. I don't plan on styling with heat very often but I figured I will keep those on hand. Either way I'm still reducing the amount of chemicals by avoiding daily use of certain products.

For my braid outs I usually braided while it's wet and apply Giovanni's direct leave-in, naturelle hypoallergenic gel (bought at sally's) and some extra virgin olive oil to seal. I usually do two french braid and take it out the next day when it's dry.

I'm still waiting on a few products that I ordered (such as Aloe Vera Juice and Rose Water) so that I can experiment with some homemade moisture spritz. I have yet to find something I truly like yet, but I've only tried two mixes. When I find something that works, I will post it.

My Braid out...

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